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VA Apps Provide Personalized Health Care Experience

Black younger female holds phone and smiles

Veterans who are also VA employees play an important role in spreading the word about VA virtual care technologies. Victoria Backus, a Talent Management System manager at Northport VA in New York, uses her unique perspective to promote VA apps to her fellow Veterans.

Backus believes that VA telehealth is successful in part because VA apps are tailored to Veteran needs. As a Veteran, she uses the MOVE! Coach, Mindfulness Coach, and PTSD Coach apps to manage her physical and mental health. She also meets her VA providers through VA Video Connect, VA’s secure videoconferencing app.

“To get to the closest VA facility, I have to take multiple buses. A reason my health declined was because I wasn’t making appointments on a regular basis. VA Video Connect has allowed me to make those appointments and receive a continuity of care,” she said.

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