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My VA Images Makes Dermatology Care More Accessible for Veterans

Older man sitting in a chair rolls up his sleeve for caregiver to take picture of arm

VA staff and Veterans across the nation who want to start using the new My VA Images app can follow the VA Connecticut Healthcare System’s example.

My VA Images is a web app that enables Veterans to send photos and videos safely and securely, at the request of their VA providers, using a smartphone or tablet. Veterans then receive clinical feedback on their health care concerns, without the need for an appointment.

VA Connecticut’s use of the app is currently focused on dermatology and primary care. From June 2022 to March 2023, system providers made 127 requests for Veterans to send photos and videos through the app. Around 73% of those requests were completed — the most requests completed in the country.

Kegan Patterson, VA Connecticut’s lead Medical Support Assistant (MSA) for virtual modalities, said it’s essential that Veterans know how to use My VA Images. “We call the Veteran and explain what they should expect. This makes them feel comfortable with this new technology.”

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