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VA Telehealth Makes VA Care Accessible to Women Veterans

Woman with curly hair holds tablet

VA is dedicated to bringing the best health care to women Veterans. VA telehealth ensures that Veterans can receive the care they need even when they are far from their VA facilities.

Just ask Dr. Margaret Carrico, a U.S. Army-trained physician who works in a family practice with women Veterans in Tampa, Florida. She regularly uses VA Video Connect to visit with her patients when they can’t make it to the medical center, or when they just have a question regarding their health.

“Video visits really lend themselves to helping women maintain continuity of care through things like childcare challenges and everything else that challenges a woman when it comes to getting to the clinic,” Dr. Carrico said. “Women put everybody else in front of themselves. Offering telehealth as an option is just a little way we help to overcome that.”

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