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Virtual Mental Health Care to Support Perinatal, Postpartum Veterans

A woman holding her baby while looking at a laptop.

About one in seven women experience postpartum depression, which involves feeling extreme sadness, anxiety, and tiredness for a period of more than two weeks in the year after childbirth. VA mental health providers in Virginia are using telehealth to help new mothers feel less alone and get the support they need. 

Dr. Nicole Dutta, a psychology program manager, oversees the Women’s Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program at the Hampton VA Medical Center. The program offers in-person and virtual mental health services that support pregnant and postpartum Veterans. With virtual appointments through VA Video Connect, the program ensures accessibility for all Veterans.

“Being able to do a video group where it’s all women is so validating,” Dutta said. “Although it’s not in the room, there’s a lot of emotional connection that happens in the video appointments. Veterans feel like they’re able to get support, and they may feel more comfortable speaking to all women.”

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