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Virtual and In-Home Care Is a Win for Housebound Veterans

Woman with long white hair and pink shirt sits at computer and videoconferences with a Veteran

Susan Gallagher is a Navy Veteran who served from 1977 until 1983 in Virginia and Pennsylvania. While working at the Wilmington VA in 1990, Gallagher was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For the past 5 years, she has been receiving hybrid care, both virtual and in-person, through the VA Coatesville Healthcare System’s Home-Based Primary Care program.

Gallagher can no longer move independently and uses transportation services anytime she needs to travel. Nearly all her medical appointments with VA are conducted virtually except for in-home visits that are scheduled every three weeks to deliver medications, record her vital signs, and see how she is doing. Her virtual appointments may include primary care, physical therapy, mental health, nutrition, recreation therapy, and any other needs that may arise.

The program saves Gallagher a lot of time and hassle. “Every time I go out, it’s an hour and a half there, then the appointment and then an hour and a half back. That just blows my whole day. But if I do it virtually, it’s an hour. It really has been exceptional for me. I mean everything that could possibly be done to make my life easier has been done. I couldn’t be any more appreciative.”

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