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Veteran Loses 140 Pounds with VA TeleMOVE! Program

female doing yoga pose

In the spring of 2022, Navy Combat Veteran Reid Kochel began VA’s TeleMOVE! program at the suggestion of his Black Hills VA care team. Since then, he has lost 140 pounds. And, Kochel says, he plans to remain in the program until he reaches his goal of getting back to the weight he was when he served in the Navy.

TeleMOVE! is a Remote Patient Monitoring-Home Telehealth (RPM-HT) program that provides Veterans with at-home health monitoring technologies, such as activity trackers and scales. The program matches Veterans with a VA care coordinator for guidance and accountability. Kochel worked with his care coordinator, Melissa Treinen, to develop goals and a care plan tailored to his needs. Treinen is a registered dietitian and a national board-certified health and wellness coach.

“Once I got my scale and started writing everything down, I noticed the pounds coming off,” Kochel said. “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

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