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My HealtheVet Helps Army Veteran Manage Her Care, Assist Other Veterans

Black, female Veteran Maple Davis smiles in front of a rural backdrop

U.S. Army and Army Reserve Veteran Maple Davis first started using My HealtheVet, VA’s online patient portal, when it launched in 2003. She was an instant fan. And now, as a volunteer with Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Davis encourages the Veterans she works with to use the portal.

“I tell every Veteran I talk to that if you’re not on My HealtheVet, you need to sign up because it is the absolute best way to communicate with your providers, to get things done, and to learn information.”

As an early adopter of My HealtheVet, Davis was thrilled when the portal added more features, such as Secure Messaging and managing VA appointments. “When VA added more features, I thought, ‘Yes, this is the best thing since cheese was invented!’”

Davis also relies on VA Mobile apps, such as Mindfulness Coach and PTSD Coach, to help manage her mental health. She says that using My HealtheVet and VA apps for her own care has helped her provide guidance to the Veterans she serves.

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