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Accessing My HealtheVet as Both a VA Physician and Patient

Dr. Randall Gehle taking a selfie and smiling.

As a VA physician, Dr. Randall Gehle is in constant communication with the Veterans in his care through My HealtheVet’s Secure Messaging feature. It’s especially helpful since he also serves as chief of staff for the W.G. (Bill) Hefner Salisbury VA in North Carolina and travels throughout the state each week. He estimates that he messages an average of 20 patients every day.

Having served as a Marine Corps battalion surgeon during the Gulf War, Dr. Gehle is also a Veteran who uses My HealtheVet to coordinate his own care.

“From the provider side, I love that My HealtheVet allows me to have access to my patients, their questions, and their needs at all times wherever I am. And then as a patient, I schedule my appointments, request refill prescriptions, and do everything regarding my care through My HealtheVet.” 

Because of his dual provider-patient experience with My HealtheVet, Dr. Gehle regularly shares his insights with other VA health care professionals at conferences, leadership development programs, and similar events.

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