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VA Telehealth Helps Bridge Care Gaps in Rural Locations

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VA Telehealth technologies are increasing Veterans' access to quality VA care, especially in rural locations where physician shortages are common. In the Northwoods area of Wisconsin, for example, hundreds of Veterans receive care through primary and specialty care telehealth appointments at the Rhinelander VA Clinic.

Marine Corps Veteran Adam Zietlow says he looks forward to his telehealth appointments with Dr. Ravinder Nath, a physician who is located 340 miles away at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago. The clinic's only on-site physician retired last summer, and Dr. Nath now serves as their exclusive telehealth provider to help fill that care gap.

"It's pretty much like a normal visit other than he just happens to be in Chicago and I'm in Rhinelander," Zietlow says. "It's the same standard and level of care."

The NBC News affiliate in Rhinelander followed Zietlow to one of his VA Telehealth appointments. Watch the segment.

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