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VA Expands TeleCritical Care in New York

Black male provider sits in front of monitor with patient in ICU on the screen

VA is implementing TeleCritical Care (TeleCC) in several medical facilities across New York this year. So far this spring, TeleCC services became available at the Samuel S. Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany and at the Buffalo VA Medical Center.

TeleCC equips intensive care unit (ICU) rooms with sophisticated telehealth technologies that enable VA intensivists in another part of the country to remotely monitor a facility’s ICU patients and provide support to local staff in providing intensive care.

“TeleCC exemplifies how VA is leveraging advanced technologies to provide the highest quality services to Veterans,” said Darlene Delancey, Samuel S. Stratton Medical Center Director, in an interview with Albany’s local ABC News affiliate. “It enhances quality by increasing access to intensive care expertise while working collaboratively with the bedside teams.”

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