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VA critical care telehealth services to aid Air Force patients at five MTFs

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Collaboration between VA and the Air Force will extend VA Tele-ICU capabilities to Air Force patients at five military treatment facilities (MTFs). The new agreement covers MTFs in Las Vegas; Hampton, Virginia; Biloxi, Mississippi; Dayton, Ohio; and Anchorage, Alaska.

The VA Tele-ICU program provides electronic access to board-certified doctors and critical care nurses using live audio and video feed, electronic monitoring, chart review and consultations. Remote, real-time monitoring and tracking of critically ill patients is the primary goal.

"Tele-ICU is more than just a way of providing remote care," said VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin. "It improves the quality of care, decreases costs by supporting evidence-based practices and it improves patient outcomes through decreased ventilator days, ventilator-associated pneumonias and reduced lengths of stay."

Read more about the agreement in this Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs news release.

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