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Journal of General Internal Medicine Publishes Special Supplement on VA Virtual Care

A provider in his office on a telehealth virtual call.

The Journal of General Internal Medicine, in collaboration with VA Health Systems Research, has published a special issue supplement on virtual care at VA. This publication is a major milestone in a three-year collaboration between the Office of Connected Care and VA’s Virtual Care Consortium of Research.

The supplement, titled “Virtual Care in the Veterans Health Administration: Evidence to Advance Access, Engagement, and Outcomes,” spotlights VA’s 20-year history of advancing telehealth to improve Veteran care. All 18 articles in the supplement are open access and free to the public.

“We are thrilled that this special issue in the Journal of General Internal Medicine charts the success of VA’s virtual care programs and provides data-driven examples for further innovation,” said Dr. Kevin Galpin, executive director of VA Telehealth Services.

For more information about the supplement, read this VA News article