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Connecting Veterans to VA Sleep Medicine via Telehealth

A man sleeping with medical equipment taped to him.

Sleep issues impact more than how you function during the day. Poor sleep also affects your mental and physical health. VA’s TeleSleep program is increasing Veterans’ access to sleep medicine with initiatives that help them treat sleep disorders, learn about healthy rest, and gain quality sleep.

Dr. Kathleen Sarmiento has dedicated her career to improving sleep care for Veterans. She is the executive director of the VA National Sleep Medicine Program and directs the Office of Rural Health’s TeleSleep program, which works to enhance access to sleep care for Veterans in rural areas.

“We’re heavily engaged with using telehealth to reach Veterans. The specialty lends itself very nicely to virtual pathways for clinical management, performing consults and follow-ups through video, and diagnosing patients with a multitude of sleep disorders.”

The Office of Connected Care recently talked with Dr. Sarmiento for a VA News article about TeleSleep and the different types of VA virtual care tools available for Veterans with sleep apnea and insomnia.

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