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Closing the Gap: Clinical Resource Hubs Increase Access to Care

young White woman sits down on couch and videoconferences with doctor via a laptop

VA’s Clinical Resource Hubs (CRH) is a national program delivering innovative telehealth technologies and resources to improve access to care and close gaps in services. The program aims to ensure that high-quality, specialized care is readily accessible no matter where a Veteran lives.

VA’s Rocky Mountain Network is no stranger to making access to health care a top priority. The network is the largest in the country. Spanning 10 different states, it covers over 500,000 square miles and provides care to an estimated one million Veterans. Many in that geographic area face challenges accessing care due to mountainous locations, extreme winter weather, and distance.

“I do think telehealth is becoming much more accepted and people are getting comfortable with it,” said Dr. Lavina Sanders, a CRH TeleMental Health Team lead. “They’re realizing, ‘You know what? I can get all the same care and not even have to leave my house.’ That’s huge.”

The Rocky Mountain CRH program is also working to bring together Veterans with unique needs and improve access for groups that historically have had limited options available within their communities.

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