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VA: Health and Benefits App Now Offers Prescription Refills

blue background with phone and prescription bottle graphics overlaid

Veterans can now manage their VA prescriptions using the VA: Health and Benefits mobile app. More than 1 million Veterans currently use VA’s official all-in-one app to manage both their VA health care and benefits services.

The app’s new Prescriptions feature is similar to the “Rx Refill” feature on My HealtheVet. Veterans can:

  • View VA active and non-active Rx history (up to 180 days).
    • Filter and sort prescriptions.
    • View Rx details.
  • Request refills of refillable VA-dispensed prescriptions.
  • View pending (recently submitted or refill in-process) refills.
  • View tracking information, through delivery, for trackable refills

To learn more, read this VA News article and watch this episode of theSITREP.