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Four Steps to Protect Your Online Health Information

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On Data Privacy Day this year, the Office of Connected Care shared a few ways Veterans can keep their online health information safe.

For those who use My HealtheVet’s online portal features or VA apps, such as VA Video Connect, Share My Health Data, or VA: Health and Benefits, there are four steps you can take to keep your personal information out of the hands of scammers and avoid other online threats:

  1. Create a Login.gov or ID.me account, both of which meet modern security standards.
  2. Set up multifactor authentication.
  3. Choose a unique and strong password for every website.
  4. Be cautious when using public computers, devices, and network connections to access VA accounts.

Read the full story on VA News, and learn more about secure VA.gov accounts, multifactor authentication, strong passwords, and security and privacy for VA apps.