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DAV Volunteer Uses VA Virtual Tools to Help Fellow Veterans

Juliet Taylor, an Army Veteran and Disabled American Veterans (DAV) volunteer, says she felt lost during the transition from military to civilian life. “I felt like I needed to jump right back into work,” she explains. “It was tough navigating the system.”

But seven years after being medically discharged, Taylor is now a leader in the Veteran community in Connecticut. Through volunteer work with DAV, Taylor helps Veterans navigate the many VA systems. She also leads or participates in many of DAV’s groups for Veterans, including those for women and minorities, volunteers, and those seeking mental health therapy.

My HealtheVet, VA’s online patient portal, is one of the most important tools she uses for her care and for the Veterans she works with. “You can send a Secure Message instead of going through calling and trying to get an appointment. You can connect with your clinician and get a response in record time.”

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