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VA CIO Shares Health IT Modernization Efforts

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VA's newly appointed Chief Information Officer James Gfrerer recently sat down for an interview with Government CIO to discuss the administration's expansive health IT modernization efforts. Connected Care-related initiatives were among the many topics they discussed:

  • VA's Lighthouse Program is an application programming interface (API) framework that allows VA to partner with third-party developers in the creation of VA apps, including those that are making it simpler for Veterans to schedule appointments.
  • Currently underway, VA's cloud migration project calls for moving VA applications to the cloud, a private sector best practice to enhance development and remote access capabilities.
  • In 2018, VA delivered more than 1 million telehealth visits, and about 72,000 Veterans, or 13% of VA's patient population, received care through at least one telehealth visit. VA's Telehealth expansion initiative is a multifaceted program that includes establishing partnerships with private sector companies, like T-Mobile, Verizon and Walmart, to reach even more Veterans with telehealth services in 2019 and beyond.

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