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TeleNephrology Provides Critical Kidney Care to Veterans Across the Country

provider at computer

Kidney disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S., and case numbers are growing at an alarming rate. With a national shortage of nephrologists (kidney specialists), Veterans living in rural areas often have difficulty accessing critical specialty care.

VA is using telehealth to increase Veterans’ access to kidney care. VA’s TeleNephrology program connects Veterans with kidney specialists across the country to provide them with lifesaving care through telehealth.

Dr. Ramón Bonegio is a nephrologist and director of VA’s TeleNephrology Enterprise Wide Initiative. Though Bonegio works in Boston, he is currently treating Veterans who live in New Hampshire, Maine, and Washington through TeleNephrology.

“Veterans who have kidney disease or Veterans at risk of kidney disease can now reach a specialist through this program. We can help Veterans across the country and hopefully change their lives,” Bonegio said.

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