Telemental Health for Veterans Expands Care and Career Options

Patient and provider on a video call appointment.

Work and life put big demands on Veterans’ time. This can make getting to a counseling session feel like a Herculean task.

VA Telemental Health is changing that by providing Veterans with greater access to counseling from anywhere in the country — including from home — on a secured channel. In turn, the explosive growth of virtual healthcare at VA is expanding career options for clinicians, as well as telehealth managers, nurse coordinators and general practitioners.

For patients, Telemental Health works to connect Veterans with a VA mental health professional via email, video conferencing, online chat or over the phone.

VA has expanded mental health services in recent years by hiring more than 1,000 professionals who are providing faster access to mental healthcare, including Telemental Health. The MISSION Act also authorized VA to offer telehealth across state lines and strengthened VA’s ability to recruit clinicians.

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