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Learn about Connected Care virtual technologies that could help keep you safe from COVID-19.

Connecting Rural Veterans with Quality Care

Front cover of "The Rural Connection" featuring a Farm house

The spring 2019 edition of The Rural Connection features five articles that capture many of the ways Connected Care technologies and related initiatives are enhancing rural Veterans' access to quality care. Read how VA Telehealth and My HealtheVet technologies are making a difference on these pages:

  • Page 6 – Technology Connects Couples for Therapy
  • Page 8 – VA and Walmart: Transforming Telehealth
  • Page 10 – Behavioral Health Integrated into Rural Primary Care via Telehealth Technology
  • Page 11 – Empowering Veterans with Their VA Medical Images & Reports
  • Page 12 – VA Exceeds One Million Video Telehealth Visits

"Whether it is from the end of a stethoscope or through the screen of a digital device," writes Thomas Klobucar, ORH Executive Director in the publication's opening message, "... VA is focused on finding ways to better connect Veterans with accessible health care options that deliver top-quality patient experiences."

Read the articles here.

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