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Connected Care Chief shares background, VA priorities on GovCast

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Connected Care Chief Officer Dr. Neil Evans recently sat down for an interview with GovernmentCIO's GovCast, a podcast that focuses on telling untold personal stories about government and industry technology leaders. Prior to answering many questions about Connected Care's current and future digital health priorities, Dr. Evans shared what led him, as a chemical engineering undergrad, to medical school and then to VA in 2001.

"VA is a place where the mission is really compelling – to take care of Veterans ... I said, 'Sure, I'll come down for an interview.' I loved it, and I've stayed ever since."

Dr. Evans, who still sees his Veteran patients two days a week, provided insight into VA's digital health transformation over the past decade, as well as current modernization efforts and priorities for increasing user adoption among both Veterans and VA care teams.

"It's not all about the technology," he said. "This is about using technology for a purpose – to create a connection between a Veteran or their caregiver and the team that's taking care of them."

Listen to the podcast.

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