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Connected Care Chief Officer Joins Federal Executive Forum

A Zoom panel.

Dr. Neil Evans, Connected Care Chief Officer and Acting Program Executive Director of VHA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) Modernization Integration Office, recently made an appearance on Federal News Network’s Federal Executive Forum webinar. The program was titled, “Healthcare IT Strategies in Government Progress and Best Practices 2024.”

Dr. Evans joined a panel of other top federal government health IT executives and health IT industry leaders. The panelists shared their current strategies for adopting new technology and enhancing the customer experience, as well as their vision for the future. In addition to sharing VA’s telehealth and virtual care progress and ambitions, Dr. Evans spoke at length about VA’s EHR modernization efforts.

“I get as excited as anyone about the new technologies that are coming,” Dr. Evans said. “What I want over the next three years is for us to not lose sight of equitable access to the experiences that we’re talking about … whether they be end users of an electronic health record, a telehealth system, or a new artificial intelligence system.”

Listen to the webinar recording.