Behind the Scenes: Helping Secretary Shulkin Provide Telehealth Visits

VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin conducts telehealth visits with Veteran patients. But did you know that he does it from his office at VA Central Office (VACO) in Washington D.C.?

Converting Dr. Shulkin’s office into a fully equipped TelePrimary Care site was no small task. Matt Rogers, Virtual Integrated Multisite Patient Aligned Care Team (V-IMPACT) Clinical Operations Director and a certified physician assistant at the Boise VA Medical Center, was the one charged with getting it done.

“I was highly motivated to make conducting Telehealth visits a seamless process for Dr. Shulkin,” Rogers said.  “The fact that he still practices and wants to experience the challenges we may have is remarkable, and shows his level of support for Telehealth.”

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