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My HealtheVet Coordinators Win 2020 Service to the Citizen Award

Service to the Citizen Award Winners graphic.

Earlier this year, the Office of Connected Care nominated all My HealtheVet Coordinators for the 2020 Service to the Citizen Award in recognition of their work. We are excited to announce – they won!

The Service to the Citizen Awards recognize public servants at all levels for their leadership and dedication to delivering an outstanding experience to the public. My HealtheVet Coordinators are – and have been - the heartbeat of the My HealtheVet program for nearly 17 years. Their continued hard work, perseverance, and passion make My HealtheVet the very best personal health record. Today, millions of registered My HealtheVet users, transitioning service members, dependents, Caregivers and VA staff rely on My HealtheVet, which is a tribute to each and every My HealtheVet Coordinator.

Connected Care wishes to congratulate and thank all of our My HealtheVet Coordinators for their dedication to creating new possibilities for Veterans and Caregivers to take ownership and participate in their health care.

Read the announcement.