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Connected Care Programs Win 2018 FedHealth Innovation Awards

2018 FedHealthIT Innovation Awards

Four VA initiatives that touch VHA Connected Care were among 26 federal programs that received a 2018 FedHealthIT Innovation Award last week: Genetic Diagnostic Testing (GDx) System, Mobile Scheduling Enhancements, My HealtheVet Core Development and Remote Veterans Apnea Management Platform (REVAMP).

Entries were nominated and selected by peers for driving innovation and results across VA, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Military Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services. In all, VA received nine awards.

The award-winning Connected Care programs focus on enhancing Veterans' care:

  • The Genetic Diagnostic Testing (GDx) System is a mobile application that allows Veterans and VA providers unprecedented access to laboratory test results, allowing viewing and sharing results with health-care providers inside and outside VA. Medical professionals will be able to provide highly individualized care and better treat their patients.
  • Mobile Scheduling Enhancements uses apps that VA clinics, staff and Veterans can use to self-schedule primary care, audiology, optometry and mental health appointments within VA's health-care system. Since the November 2017 release of the online scheduling app, transactions conducted by Veterans have increased more than 3,000 percent.
  • My HealtheVet Core Development allows the community of 4.3 million My HealtheVet users to better utilize the online scheduling app. This optimized the use of VA IT investment funds, allowed access across desktops, tablets and mobile devices, and dramatically increased Veteran use of the application.
  • The Remote Veterans Apnea Management Platform (REVAMP) app improves Veteran access to care, reduces patient wait times and allows Veterans with sleep apnea to be diagnosed and treated without having to travel to a sleep center. This VA-developed web platform facilitates remote care and provides a convenient alternative to current in-person management.

All award winners were honored at the 4th Annual Innovation Awards celebration on June 12 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Neil Evans, MD, Chief Officer, Office of Connected Care, and Kathy Frisbee, PhD were two of the 12 executives who participated in keynote panel discussions about federal health technology and innovation prior to the awards ceremony.

Read more about this award recognition on the FedHealthIT website.

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