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Connected Care Shares Six VA Apps to Help Manage Stress

A man sitting on the couch and looking at his smartphone.

Unmanaged stress can affect your overall well-being and lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, substance misuse and more. Managing stress can be additionally challenging for those with PTSD, a condition that is more common among Veterans than among civilians.

That’s why VA offers free virtual care resources specifically designed to help Veterans and their family members manage stress and practice self-care. These tools offer educational information, mindfulness and other relaxation exercises, progress trackers, and a lot more.

Connected Care recently shared a VA News article with a roundup of six apps, available on the VA App Store, that Veterans and their families can use to manage stress and support their self-care:

1 & 2. PTSD Coach and PTSD Family Coach

3. Mindfulness Coach

4. Annie for Veterans

5. VetChange

6. MOVE! Coach

Read the article to learn more.