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Army Veteran Uses VA Health Chat App for Quick, Convenient Care

When Army Veteran Josef Mendez Lopez needed medical care recently, he decided to try VA Health Chat.

“I started chatting with one of the nurses almost immediately,” Mendez said. The nurse led him through a series of questions and helped Mendez get the care he needed. Now he’s a VA Health Chat fan. “The immediate feedback that I get gives me assurance that someone is tending to my needs.”

With VA Health Chat, Veterans can chat online with VA nurses and other VA staff to ask questions about nonemergency health concerns, schedule VA appointments, refill their VA prescriptions, and more. If needed, VA staff can also seamlessly escalate the chat to a video visit from within VA Health Chat.

Veterans enrolled in VA care at hundreds of facilities across 41 U.S. states and territories – and counting – can now use VA Health Chat. Visit the VA App Store to see if VA Health Chat is available at your VA facility.

Read more of Mendez’s story on VA News.