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Virtual Reality over VA Video Connect for Pain Management

A veteran receiving TelePain care through VR.

VA clinicians are increasingly using telehealth and immersive technologies, like virtual reality (VR), as health care delivery tools to connect Veterans with the soonest and best care. The Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 12 Clinical Resource Hub recently adopted VR over VA Video Connect visits for its TelePain telehealth program.

Led by Specialty Chief Dr. Nadia Hussain and Physical Therapist Shoba Rajamannar-Underhill, who both specialize in interventional pain management, the team began prescribing headsets to patients for at-home use and the results have been outstanding. The virtual connection over VA Video Connect allows the team to provide care to those who may have trouble making it to in-person appointments, live in rural areas, or have anxiety about coming to a facility.

Read this VA News story for details.