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VA TeleOncology Supports Veterans with Breast Cancer

Woman in yellow shirt speaks with a provider via video telehealth

VA’s National TeleOncology (NTO) services are increasing access to breast and gynecological cancer care for Veterans across the United States. VA NTO cancer care providers deliver screenings, diagnostics, and treatment through telehealth. These services enable Veterans in rural areas or with busy schedules to get the care they need.

“It’s great to be able to bring this specialty care to Veterans in rural places who would have never had access to that kind of care otherwise,” said Sarah Collins, VA NTO Nurse Practitioner. “Most women Veterans are moms or caregivers or breadwinners of their family, which makes it hard to make time for doctor’s appointments. Being able to do their visits from home is helpful for them.”

VA NTO also offers national virtual peer support groups for Veterans with cancer, including a new breast cancer peer group that launched this fall.

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