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Connected Care Chief Officer Wins Flywheel Award

Dr. Neil Evans, Connected Care Chief Officer and Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology/CIO, is among a half-dozen federal government recipients of GovCIO Media & Research’s new Flywheel Award, which recognizes important contributions to, and impact on, the health IT ecosystem.

A flywheel is a critical component in a machine to increase its momentum. According to GovCIO, the award’s name symbolizes the momentum that transformers have on innovating federal technology and communicating those strategies across the industry. Federal health leaders were recognized in five award categories: Digital Transformer, Innovation Champion, Health Equity Advocate, Interoperability Leader, and Rising Star.

Dr. Evans received the Innovation Champion Flywheel Award to honor his connected health work at VHA and his efforts around integrating emerging technologies into the health care ecosystem to improve both the patient and provider experience.

Read the press release.