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Wyoming Team Nominated for Award for COVID-19 Response

the female team of care coordinators at the Cheyenne VA in Wyoming

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020, VA's Remote Patient Monitoring–Home Telehealth (RPM–HT) care coordinators took on a large share of the responsibilities. One team of care coordinators at the Cheyenne VA in Wyoming recently earned national recognition for their efforts. They were nominated for a DAISY Team Award, a prestigious award for nursing excellence.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the team began contacting each Veteran who took a COVID-19 test at the medical facility. When cases surged in October 2020 – with the number of daily calls increasing from around 50 to 270 – the team continued their efforts tirelessly, working long hours and weekend shifts.

"It was a big undertaking, and they excelled at it," said Izabella Jackson, Cheyenne's telehealth coordinator. "They did a lot to keep Veterans safe during our surge of COVID-19. I'm very humbled by the work they do."

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