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My VA Images Improves Outcomes for Veterans Who Need Prosthetic Services

provider points to laptop and writes notes on notepad

When a Veteran needed a custom shoulder brace to help manage his condition, his VA provider – Gabriel Burklund, a prosthetics clinic resident for the Orlando VA Medical Center in Florida – turned to the new My VA Images app.

After the initial assessment, Burklund and the clinic team created a cast of the Veteran’s shoulder to make a brace prototype. Next, Burklund instructed the Veteran to wear the prototype for eight weeks and use My VA Images to take photos and videos of himself wearing the brace in his home. The team then reviewed the images and used their observations to adjust the brace and fit the Veteran with his final custom brace at his next in-person visit. 

“As a prosthetics provider, I can use My VA Images to contact Veterans and examine device fit and function,” Burklund said. “We can assist quickly and efficiently, and it has been convenient for participating Veterans.”

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