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Learn about Connected Care virtual technologies that could help keep you safe from COVID-19.

Watch: New Video Provides Troubleshooting Tips for VA Video Connect

VA Video Connect Troubleshooting Tips (text)

Veterans and VA care teams are using VA Video Connect for virtual health care visits more than ever before. To help enhance Veterans' experience connecting to their video telehealth appointments, Connected Care has created a new video with tips for troubleshooting common issues. The tips reviewed in the video include:

  • Tip 1: I can't find my VA Video Connect appointment email. (0:11)
  • Tip 2: My appointment link won't work. (0:42)
  • Tip 3: The virtual medical room page won't load in the browser. (1:18)
  • Tip 4: The virtual medical room takes a long time to load. (1:51)
  • Tip 5: I cannot hear or speak to my provider. (2:20)
  • Tip 6: I cannot see myself or my provider on the screen. (3:09)
  • Tip 7: The video picture freezes or audio cuts in and out. (3:47)

If you continue to experience technical difficulties after watching the video, please contact the Office of Connected Care Help Desk at 1-866-651-3180.

Watch the video: