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Virtual Health Resource Centers

Empowering Veterans, their family members and caregivers, and VA staff to take advantage of virtual care tools.


Offering Virtual Care Tools Support

VA’s Virtual Health Resource Centers (VHRCs) offer support to Veterans, their family members and caregivers, and VA staff looking to take advantage of virtual care tools. Each VHRC has health technology experts located at its associated VA facility. They provide guidance, hands-on support, training, help troubleshooting, and other information regarding virtual care tools, such as VA Video Connect, My HealtheVet, health apps, and devices. VHRCs are open for phone, video, and in-person consultations with their health technology experts.


How It Helps Veterans, Their Family Members, and Caregivers

Veterans can speak with an expert to determine which virtual care options might be right for their health and lifestyle needs. The experts are also available to help Veterans get started with VA apps or set up VA-loaned devices.

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How It Helps VA Staff

VA staff members can turn to the VHRCs for support with incorporating virtual care tools into their daily workflow or clinical practice. The VHRC experts hold regular trainings for staff to stay up to date on virtual care tools and technologies. VHRCs serve as a resource that VA staff can refer Veterans to when they have questions or need technical support beyond the VA staff member’s expertise.

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Find a VHRC Location Near You

VHRCs are open to all Veterans, their family members, caregivers, and VA staff. VHRC hours of operation may vary by location. Please contact your VHRC for more information.

For VA Staff Interested in Establishing a Virtual Health Resource Center

The VHRC Implementation Consult Service (ICS) is available to help VA staff establish a VHRC at their facility. The ICS works alongside facilities by providing:

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    Expert consultation for up to six months during the implementation of a VHRC.

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    Evidenced-based strategies to ensure the successful implementation of a VHRC.

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    Continued support to ensure the sustained success of the facility’s VHRC.

To learn more about establishing a VHRC at your facility, contact the ICS by completing a new request in LEAF. The LEAF site is accessible to VA staff only. After completing the request, you can expect to receive an email from the ICS within three business days.

You can also contact the VHRC team at vhavhrc@va.gov for questions about how to increase virtual health adoption at your facility, or if you have good news stories to share about the VHRC at your facility.