Watch: Home Telehealth, VA Video Connect Turned This Veteran’s Life Around

Vietnam Veteran Melvin Williams

Vietnam Veteran Melvin Williams has multiple chronic health conditions that landed him in the hospital at least once a year for a decade. “I was calling myself ‘Dead Man Walking,’” he says. “I made up my mind. I needed somebody to help me.”

In a recent four-minute video produced by the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia, Mr. Williams shares how VA Telehealth helped him turn his life around. Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center offers a program that blends home telehealth remote monitoring with VA Video Connect visits to provide Veterans with an integrated care experience from the comfort of their own homes. As part of this program, Williams sends blood pressure and other health readings to his home telehealth care coordinator every day, and attends regular video visits with his VA dietitian, clinical pharmacist, and other members of his VA care team.

“It’s 100% better,” Mr. Williams said. “I know and learned a lot about my health. What the A1-C is, I learned all that.”

Watch Mr. Williams' story on the Augusta VA’s Facebook page.