VA Virtual Care PSA: Using VA Video Connect to Guard Against Infection

Woman looking at tablet.

Under the direction of Dr. Leonie Heyworth, Connected Care Director of Synchronous Telehealth, VA has released a public service announcement (PSA) video detailing how the use of virtual care resources can help protect Veterans and their families against COVID-19.

The three-minute video features a split narrative that compares going into a facility for an in-person visit versus staying home for a VA Video Connect appointment. It clearly demonstrates the benefits of choosing a video visit, as well as the potential negative impacts of an in-person visit during a contagious pandemic.

As noted in this blog announcing the PSA, “Making healthy choices, like the decision to stay home when you are sick, will help protect you and other Veterans. This video shows how easy it is to use telehealth visits at the VA.”

Watch now: