VA Video Connect delivers prompt care for Veterans with spinal cord injuries

Photo of a Veteran and his wife

For a Veteran with a spinal cord injury, even the smallest pressure injuries can mean bed rest for weeks. And if you’re as busy as Air Force Veteran Roger Denly, who travels frequently, you’ve got to have options for your care. Recently, Denly was on his way back from a long trip when he experienced a potentially concerning injury.

“He called our clinic to report a new pressure spot, explaining that on his way home his cushion had leaked air,” said Colleen Berding, who was the Spinal Cord Injury Telehealth Nurse Coordinator at the St. Louis VAMC at the time. She and Denly’s nurse, wound specialist Charlotte Coleman, quickly scheduled a real-time VA Video Connect appointment with him to examine the pressure injury.

“Being able to see the nurse and therapist over the video conference was very convenient,” Denly said. “It wasn’t a major issue, but it could have led to something more major. We resolved it in a timely fashion.”

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