VA Telehealth helps 97-year-old Veteran hear again

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Dorothy Hartley is a 97-year-old Navy WAVES Veteran who was trained and assigned as a gunnery instructor in Hawaii in 1945 during World War II. For two years, she trained Seamen to operate .50-caliber machine gun turrets. That time was life-changing, but it also impacted Hartley’s hearing.

VA has helped her with hearing aids throughout her life. Tuning the devices usually means multiple visits with an audiologist. In the past, Hartley made the 160-mile trek from her home in Key West, Florida, to the VA Medical Center in Miami for those visits. Today, her advanced age makes that frequent journey no longer possible. Instead, she goes to the local Key West VA Outpatient Clinic, heads into a telehealth room and meets with her Miami-based VA audiologist.

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Video produced by William Bunce, visual information specialist