MOVE! Coach App “In the Spotlight” on My HealtheVet

Mobile phone with MOVE! Coach on the screen.

If you're a Veteran looking to lose weight or get fit, help from your smartphone can make all the difference. A new In the Spotlight article on My HealtheVet explains how downloading VA’s MOVE! Coach app can kick-start your weight management and physical fitness routine.

The story, Reach Your Fitness Goals with Your Mobile Phone, shares how the app made a difference for several Veterans, including Vietnam War era Army Veteran Warren Pennington from Shreveport, LA. “When I started MOVE! Coach, I got serious about wanting to lose weight and maintain it.”

Jerry Phillips, one of the first Veterans to use MOVE! Coach, said it helped him lose 68 pounds and improve his overall health.

“I was not overly active before using the app, but now I have to move and do something each day,” he said. "After starting MOVE! Coach, I went to work as a stock guy. The job keeps me incredibly physically active.”

Phillips said he also stays active through other activities like yard work and house renovations. “Now that I've lost so much weight, it's much easier to do.”

MOVE! Coach is available for both Android and iOS devices as a free download from the Google Play Store (Android OS) and the Apple App Store (iOS).

Read the My HealtheVet article to learn more.