Annie Texts Support Veterans’ COVID-19 Vaccine Experience

Woman with grey hair texting on a smartphone and smiling

If you are both excited and a little nervous about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Annie text messages can help. Annie is VA’s automated text message service that sends Veterans health information and reminders. It works on any cellphone with texting capabilities.

There are many types of Annie text messages. VA developed Annie’s COVID-19 Vaccination Support text messages specifically to provide Veterans with:

  • Helpful, trusted information about the vaccine
  • An understanding of possible side-effect symptoms
  • Tips for treating symptoms at home or knowing when to call the doctor
  • General reminders to get your second COVID-19 vaccine injection

How to Start Annie Messages

To receive Annie text messages, you must register first. Then, on the day you receive your first COVID-19 vaccine injection or shortly thereafter, simply text SUB COVAC to Annie (75338) to subscribe.

Please note: These Annie messages are intended for use during the two-dose COVID-19 vaccination process. Subscribing with “SUB COVAC” beforehand will not be helpful to you.

Additional instructions are available in this flyer

You can also watch this how-to video to learn more: