This 100-Year-Old Veteran Loves VA Telehealth

100-year-old Veteran on-screen talking to his VA provider by video

People often think that new technologies are for the young. But a 100-year-old Veteran in Florida has proven otherwise. Dr. Joseph Belshe, a World War II Veteran Air Force medical officer, has used VA telehealth technology for almost two years – well before the pandemic began.

Dr. Belshe incorporated telehealth into his care thanks to Kimberly Braswell, a nurse practitioner in the cardiology unit at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa, Florida. It’s been saving him the 80-mile round trip from his home in Lakeland, Florida, ever since.

He gets diagnostic tests done at his local primary care annex, the provider uploads the test results to Dr. Belshe’s VA Electronic Health Record, and then he and Braswell meet through VA Video Connect on his VA-issued iPad to discuss his test results and medications.

“VA has made it so convenient for me. It is really quite simple,” he said.

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