VHA Innovation Program Releases Its ‘Year in Review’ Edition of the eBook

eBook Innovation Cover

The VHA Innovation Program’s ‘2017 Year in Review’ eBook illustrates some of the most transformative projects at VHA Innovation this year.  More Innovation Program products were deployed and are being used across VA than ever before.

Here are a few topics you will find in this edition of the eBook:

  • The Maternity Tracker app will be available this month.
  • The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) endorsed the VA Pressure Ulcer Resource (VA PUR) mobile app.
  • After Visit Summary is currently in operation at 70 VA medical centers and preparing for enterprise implementation with the Office of Information Technology.
  • Advanced Environmental Control units are in use at 19 Spinal Cord Injury Centers throughout the country.

Check out the eBook to get up to date on all the latest advances at VHA Innovation.