Telehealth Revolutionizes Veterans’ Health Care

Photo of VA Telehealth services operated by a clinician

Telehealth Services help VA deliver convenient, accessible health care to Veterans. In many instances, Veterans are using telehealth to better manage their health conditions between care appointments and stay out of the hospital. While these technologies are the tools that make it happen, it’s the people – VA care teams and Veterans – who are driving success.

“… the real key component to the success of the program is case management and personal connection,” says Catherine Buck, National Home Telehealth Lead and Clinical Nurse Analyst.  “The Veteran establishes a relationship with a go-to person that is essential for the Veteran’s overall health care plan and personal health goals.”

Read this VAntage Point blog to learn how VA Telehealth Services helped U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran David Miller manage his diabetes. See why he says, “I think they saved my life. … Telehealth has really helped me to stay on track.”