Recent Becker’s review regards VA telehealth as pioneer to follow

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VA’s mission is to care for Veterans no matter where they live. However, the challenge of delivering quality health services to a geographically dispersed patient population is not unique to VA.

A recent article in Becker’s Hospital Review explains, “America’s sprawling geography, temperate climate and mild topography have made it possible for the population to spread into all sorts of plains, nooks and crannies rather than cluster in a few habitable pockets. That distribution … has presented a peculiar challenge to health care.”

The review then points to telehealth and remote patient monitoring as a key solution and recommends health care systems follow VA’s lead.

“Just like the telegraph and the transcontinental railroad “solved” America’s geography challenge generations ago, telemedicine is seeking to solve the healthcare challenge now. … One of the most admirable pioneers of such technology is the Veterans [Health] Administration, powered by progressive initiatives like … ‘Anywhere to Anywhere Health Care,’ which have made the VA the largest telehealth program in the country.”

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