VA Telehealth Improves the Way VA Delivers Care to Veterans

Photo of a video conference appointment.

VA Telehealth uses technology to improve how VA delivers care. 

Just ask Air Force Veteran Bill Nelson. As a survivor of three heart attacks, he’s a big fan of the program to cut travel times to his rehabilitation appointments.  

At the Kansas VA, telehealth is used to help prevent Veteran suicides.

And here’s the story of a Veteran and his wife who were saved from making a trip from New Jersey to Wisconsin for care, and felt that they were able to speak with the transplant team 1,000 miles away in Wisconsin “as if they were in the same room together.”

Telehealth delivers Veteran- and family-centered health care by connecting you with your VA care team, no matter the distance. VAntage Point recently published an article explaining the different types of VA Telehealth services. Read the story here.