Media Library Innovation

  • FSU Socket in lab

    Florida State University SOCAT

  • veteran male walking on new prosthetic leg

    Cleveland-area Veteran and his new prosthetic socket

  • caucasian male with prosthetic leg walking with crutches

    Cleveland VAMC Gait Lab test of new prosthetic socket

  • GE instrument sterilization machine in lab

    GE instrument sterilization robot

  • asian male using pressure ulcer assessment cart

    Pressure ulcer assessment cart

  • close up view of pressure ulcer chemical sensor device

    Pressure ulcer chemical sensor

  • close view of two males' prosthetic leg

    Ohio Willow Wood prosthetic socket systems

  • Ohio Willow Wood team

    Ohio Willow Wood and Cleveland VAMC prosthetic project team

  • male and female getting ready to hi-five

    Memphis VAMC Innovator and Secretary Bob McDonald

  • staff member in open office space facing each other

    VACI, MIT and SRI prosthetics project staff

  • screenshot of After Visit Summary form

    After Visit Summary screenshot

  • screenshot of prescription form

    Park a Prescription in CPRS

  • male and female next to hospital bed looking at monitor

    Environmental Control Units, Innovator and Secretary McDonald

  • LEAF Dashboard screenshot

    LEAF Dashboard

  • Pressure Ulcer Mobile Application Screenshot

    Pressure Ulcer Resource Mobile Application

  • VG Bio data collection technology next to a quarter and 1 half inch width measurement display

    VG Bio Data Collection Technology

  • Veteran Assessment Details

    Escreening Assessment Tool Screenshot

Handsfree Restrooms

The Hands Free Restrooms Innovation implemented hands-free technology for shared restrooms (patients, staff and guests) to reduce the spread of microorganisms. The innovation project successfully installed hands-free devices in 42 restrooms at the Robley Rex VAMC in Louisville, Kentucky.

Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Kiosks

To engage their local patient population and raise awareness of colorectal cancer, the innovators developed an interactive, touch screen kiosk. Northport VAMC physicians took advantage of a colorectal cancer risk assessment algorithm developed by the National Cancer Institute.


A Pittsburgh VA team developed Voogle; a simple, clean Google-like interface that can be used immediately with little or no training. It is used by clinicians and non-medical staff in a very adaptable and dynamic way.


This innovation enabled the use of context-sensitive infobuttons in VA's Electronic Health Record (EHR) as a way of anticipating the information needs of clinicians. This has a major impact because context-specific knowledge has been identified as a key requirement for VA's EHR.


A Houston VA-based team developed decision support software to improve system- and individual-level measurement and tracking of cancer-related diagnostic test results reported through the VA EHR.

Care Units

A Wilkes Barre VA specialty care team aims to improve the quality of care Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) patients receive on a daily basis. They created a special program to utilize more therapeutic interventions for ADRD patients.

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